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What is i-Lipo and How i-Lipo Works

i-lipo is the intelligent, non surgical alternative to liposuction! i-lipo requires no cutting, no needles and no-downtime!  i-lipo uses lower level lasers that are released through the treatment pads, triggering a chemical signal in the fat cells that ends up breaking down the stored triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, which then are released through cell membranes. Fat content is transported around the body to the tissues where its then burned off with post-treatment exercise. Water intake is also very important to flush out your system.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments are structured into courses of 8+. (We do not offer anything under 8 because 8 are required to see best results) However, each individual will receive a free consultation to take a look at the area that’s being treated to determine how many sessions are right for you.

How long does a treatment last?

Your i-lipo session will last approximately 60 minutes. When you arrive for your session we will have you fill out paperwork  and  body measurements will be taken on the area being treated. Once you have been made comfortable in our private treatment room, the diode paddles are then positioned on the appropriate area and then the machine is switched on for 30 minutes in each area.  When the 30 minute session is completed measurements will then be taken again and then you will do the required 30 minute workout here at our office on our power plate. 10 minutes on our power plate is equivalent to working out a hour at the gym! In addition to this you are required to do a 30 minute workout within 24 hours of your i-lipo session as well as drink 60 oz of water to help with the fat removal process.

Is It Comfortable?

Most people feel very little during the treatment and find it quite relaxing. Patients may feel a slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with your skin.

Is It Suitable for Everyone?

i-lipo can be used on both men and women and most areas can be treated. Common areas are the stomach, legs, arms and chin. People with certain medical conditions should not use i-lipo. A full medical questionnaire will take place at your consultation to confirm suitability.

Is It Safe?

Independent clinical studies have shown i-Lipo to be completely safe with no side effects. The laser simply triggers a natural reaction so fat cells can be released. The process does not cause damage to the cells they stay intact, it just makes them smaller giving immediate results.

When Will I See Results?

Often results are seen immediately and will improve over each session. Over the course of  eight sessions (or whatever was selected for you)  you can achieve dramatic reshaping of the body and see excellent results by the end of your full treatment! Individual results will vary.